The National Archery in the Schools Programme-SA (NASP-SA) is affiliated to the international body governing the sport worldwide namely NASP Inc in the USA. In South Africa NASP-SA is the Mass Participation arm of 3Di South Africa and through this affiliation also affiliated to the Federation for Archery in South Africa namely SANAA.

As the need for social development and upliftment of all communities in South Africa is recognized by responsible citizens, NASP-SA embarked on a project for the upliftment of our school attending youth. It is South Africa's priority to focus on the youth in providing curricular as well as extra-curricular activities through mass participation in order to reduce crime and strengthen the social fibre of our communities. NASP-SA was established, amongst others, to also support this initiative.

NASP-SA is registered in terms of the Companies Act as a Non Profit Organisation, registration number 2009/005681/08 and in terms of the Income Tax Act as a Public Benefit Organisation, registration number PBO 930 034 694.




All the schools in the Republic of South Africa are participating in NASP.


The Mission of NASP-SA is to establish the enjoyment of participating in NASP as a responsible outdoor activity amongst the school attending youth of South Africa. Mass participation and sport excellence are promoted.

All aspects of archery are established in a proper, healthy and responsible manner. The following are presented through leadership, funding, equipment and structures:

  • Exposure to the National Archery in the Schools Programme (NASP) as a sport;
  • NASP to all schools, especially in the less privileged and remote areas of South Africa;
  • Projects focused on the provision of equipment and infrastructure to promote NASP on a local, regional, provincial and national levels;
  • Projects focused on recruiting and training NASP Instructors.
  • NASP activities including competitions and championships on local, regional, provincial, national as well as international levels, and
  • Programmes to increase the school attending youth's involvement in responsible outdoor activities.

The programme focuses on developing life-long skills within our youth by using the bow and arrow as a very effective medium. Studies in the USA has proven that the children's participation in archery taught them discipline and respect. School attendance improved. Children became physically more active. Participation in archery translated into compelling subject matter for mathematics, science and history. Teachers increased extra-curricular activity putting athletes and non-athletes on a level playing field and which children took home to do with friends and family. The programme taught children lifelong physical activity. It transformed previously unreachable "high risk" children by unlocking self-esteem. The programme has the ability to touch, transform, redirect, lift and change individual lives forever. Within the short period of time that NASP is being presented in South Africa (since 2008) we are already experiencing the same successes as in the USA. We regularly receive testimonies from head masters, teachers, project leaders and parents witnessing the positive change in participating children Not to mention the feedback from our excited children themselves.